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Sax Appeal is a jazz quartet based in Sydney, Australia. We love playing from the classic jazz repertoire as well as atmospheric mood pieces from our originals catalogue.


Whether you're looking for beautiful background instrumental music or exciting uptempo renditions of well known tunes Sax Appeal can cater for your entertainment needs for your next event.


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Coogee Diggers Club

Good Friday April 2






Coogee Digger's - Fri Feb 5



Coal Loader Waverton - Sun Jan 5

Paddington RSL - Wed Jan 22

Bondi Farewell - Sun Feb 23

Coal Loader Waverton - Sun Mar 1

Fountainhead Soiree Coogee - Sun Mar 8

Dolphin House Live Stream - Fri March 20

Paddington RSL - Sun Aug 30

Paddington RSL - Sun Oct 4

Paddington RSL - Sun Nov 1

Wylie's Baths Coogee - Sat Nov 21

Paddington RSL - Sun Dec 6


Paddington RSL - Wed Oct 16

Clovelly Bowling Club - Sun Nov 10

Paddington RSL - Wed Nov 20

Coal Loader Waverton - Sun Dec 1

Paddington RSL - Wed Dec 18

Clovelly Bowling Club - Sun Dec 22


Watermelon Man

Green Dolphin Street

My Favourite Things

Work Song

Spring Onions

Mercy Mercy Mercy

Swan Lake

You Can't Do That

and many others

Sax Appeal demo
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Coogee Diggers  -  March 2021

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